Internet earnings on the English- speaking internet, Manningham City Council

internet earnings on the English- speaking internet

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Those who preferred to take interviews in Spanish were more likely to be recently arrived immigrants who had somewhat lower education levels, lower household income, and less connection to some technologies compared with other Hispanics living in the U.

This helps to explain the break in the usage rate trend among U. Hispanics between and Note 2: The results reported here on Asian-Americans are limited to English speakers only.

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The surveys reported here were conducted only in English and Spanish. Those who speak other Asian languages but are not comfortable speaking English are less likely to respond to these phone surveys.

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Note 3: The data come from a survey that does not include enough Asian-Americans to yield statistically-reliable findings. Source: Pew Research Center surveys, Asian American sample size for is too low to report.


This change ensured better coverage of the national population, including more recently arrived Hispanic immigrants. More recently arrived Hispanic immigrants are more likely to have limited English ability, have lower levels of income and formal education, and have less internet experience than other Hispanics living in the U.

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Thus, we report two separate time trends for Hispanics: the first leading up to late when Pew Research Center surveys of the U. Pew Research Center does not usually report on Asian-American technology use in it reports as surveys do not typically contain enough Asian-American respondents to yield statistically reliable findings. Aggregating surveys, as is done here, does yield sufficient cases of English-speaking Asian-Americans to report the findings.

This gap has persisted even as internet adoption has risen in all three types of communities.

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