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According to information in our possession, the number of troops recruited for the drills has been increased from declared 3, to 5, and over 4, railway cars or three times the need have been ordered for troop transportation.

This amount of transport will allow troops to be transported in far greater numbers than those announced for the event.

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For purposes of comparison, railway cars were used for transportation purposes in and only 50 in Furthermore, Belorussian citizens residing in areas close to military airfields report in social networks that civilians are being forced to vacate their homes in favor of Russian servicemen and their families. There is strong probability that some of the troops will stay in Belarus after the training is completed.

At the same time, there is a high probability of hidden weapons, military hardware and physical infrastructure storage points being deployed in the course of the training. This can help the enemy considerably reduce the time needed for the creation of strike groups on the western and southwestern strategic tracks. I want to draw your attention to the fact that, according to official statements by the Russian military leadership, three more motorized rifle divisions have been organized.

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These are the 3rd, th, and th motorized rifle divisions stationed, respectively, in Valuyki, Smolensk and Novocherkassk. By giving such lofty names to the newly organized military formations the Russian Federation is seeking to exert moral and psychological pressure both on Ukraine and on the European community. By doing so it is demonstrating its far-reaching intentions.

The organizational and staff structure, the weapons and military hardware that are being supplied to them indicate that these Russian divisions are essentially strike ones and are intended for offensive actions. And this is highly symbolic, as it was on this day in that the Red Army robot kremenchug trading invaded the Republic of Poland which was subsequently divided between the Soviet Union and Germany.

Threat number robot kremenchug trading is intelligence and subversive operations by Russian intelligence and security services in Ukraine, involving both information and psychological influence campaigns, and actions of force acts of terrorism. A combination of conventional and hybrid methods is now a hallmark of any military conflict. While hybrid methods may or may not involve the open use of military force, the classical combat actions actually no longer exist without hybrid actions. Frontal encounters of large force groupings at the strategic and operational level are gradually receding into the past; there is a blurring of the differences among the strategic, operational and tactical levels, and between offensive and defensive operations.

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There has been increasing role of mobile, mixedservice force groupings, while new information technologies can significantly reduce the spatial, temporal and information gaps between troops and their associated command and control structures. Military actions are becoming more dynamic, intensive and effective.

Tactical and operational pauses are disappearing. This puts forward additional requirements in terms of forces maneuverability, and mobility and stability of reserves and resources.

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Not only do mobility and stability of reserves and resources allow for a quick response to aggravating situation, but they are also enablers of influence on how the situation goes. The lessons we learned during suggest that tactical operations can be of strategic significance with regard for how the situation develops, and can have a serious impact on political decisions and the arrangement of political forces severe hostilities in the Avdiivka area in January-February are one example.

Remote, contact-free influence on the enemy is becoming the primary method of achieving the goals of combat actions and operations, and it is extending their spatial reach both in width and depth. Targets now can be engaged at ranges reaching out the depths of hostile territory.

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This is currently regarded as the utmost danger, since the destruction of arsenals, bases and storage depots would impact seriously on the capability to counter the enemy, while the demolition of industrial facilities by enemy action can bring the economy to collapse.

Actually however, there is very low probability of enemy fire targeting industrial infrastructures, because a crippled territory with destroyed infrastructure is wanted by nobody. The use of high-precision weapons is assuming massive proportions, and robotic systems and armaments built on new physical principles are being brought into the mainstream of warfare.

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The information component of the hybrid war is of particular significance as robot kremenchug trading has platforms on which to make money strong influence on the consciousness of both the civilian population and military servicemen, robot kremenchug trading may damage their ability to counteract military aggression. We are witnessing an increasing role of non-military means in achieving political and strategic objectives, which in some cases are more effective than what can be achieved with the use of military force.

Protective technologies for personnel, military installations and infrastructural assets.

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The era of mass armies is over. A military expert is very expensive to train, and public tolerance of losses has been decreasing. Technologies aimed at creating new means of defeating enemy personnel, military installations and infrastructural assets.

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At this time we cannot use as much ammunition as was used in WWII, and we are fully aware of and committed to international humanitarian law norms. Network centric command and control technologies with enhanced counter-ECM capabilities. Highly special category comprising information tech- nologies and cyber security technologies. The application of the technologies provides strong advantages on the battlefield, allowing for speedy, efficient decisionmaking in operational planning and command and control of forces.

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An important requirement here is obtaining a capability allowing reliable information to be obtained in real robot kremenchug trading with delays from minutes to hours, not days as was the case previously. This category comprises technologies of extreme importance in terms of improving performances of armaments or bringing them back to operational status.

Ukrainian Defense Review #3 [July-September ] by Defense Express - Issuu

These technologies provide significant life extension and sustainability improvement to military weapons and equipment systems. Technologies in this category are of special importance as they provide battlefield needs and support the personnel in routine and emergency situations. These technologies are aimed to protect soldier health and safety, and to allow soldiers to perform their missions with less effort and greater efficiency.

These core technologies have to robot kremenchug trading implemented in developing future weapons, hardware and special-purpose equipment. It can be said that traditional armaments have fulfilled their historic mission and no longer play a decisive role in achieving success in modern warfare.

The value and high robot kremenchug trading capacity of those means, and the human mobilization resource and economic potential that far surpass ours make it impossible for us to achieve parity with the enemy. In conclusion, I would like to say that no matter how strong the enemy, no matter how outmanned or outgunned, it still has cracks in armor, and therefore there are ways to set up adequate counteraction. In this regard mutual cooperation of our defence industrial complexes is of strategic importance for both countries.

Each of those steps would be times harder without support and cooperation with NATO member states dates back toin which effective cooperation with Poland marked a new milestone in the relationships between our countries.

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Over the past three years it was conducted extensive collaboration in main areas of defence capability. Ukroboronprom enterprises produced and supplied R air-to-air missiles for the polish Ministry of Defence. The high-tech weapons joint projects of the Ukrainian and Polish defence industries are of the most importance.

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Today, highprecision artillery and mortar arms and shots, anti-aircraft and anti-aircraft missile systems are jointly robot kremenchug trading, various types of UAVs are produced, marine patrol aircraft on the AN platform is designed, also production and development of protection systems, both for individual use and for armoured vehicles.

Ukraine is moving towards NATO, identifying the Alliance as one of the main strategic tasks for how to make 2 bitcoins country. We believe that Ukrainian and Polish defence industries will ensure efficient, mutually beneficial and long term cooperation.

Over that time, there has been much talk about bilateral defense-industrial cooperation, and the prospects of achieving synergy through partnership have become even more tempting.

Robot kremenchug trading agreement envisages a significant increase in cooperation in 24 areas of mutual interest. During the year reviewed, there were reciprocal visits between MoD officials of the two countries, and, in late JuneStepan Poltorak and Antoni Macierewicz met again at a meeting of NATO Defense Ministers at NATO headquarters in Brussels to discuss how to strengthen and diversify collaboration between the two defense establishments.

The work continued to search for new and better ways and methods of collaboration, and the two parties were advertising and demonstrating their capabilities to each other.

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Ukrainian exhibitors at Air Fair demonstrated their products in a joint pavilion organized by state-run Progres firm. There was also intensive work going on between Ukroboronprom and the Ministry of National Defense of Poland that is officially charged to supervise the Polish defense industry.

The negotiations headed by Secretary of State at the Polish Ministry of Defense, Bartosz Kownacki, and CEO of Ukroboronprom, Roman Romanov were attended by officials of the leading Polish defense contractors already engaged in collaborative projects with Ukroboronprom.

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The latter is now searching for new partners from among Polish companies to assist in the development of advanced armaments technologies, especially air defense systems and military armored equipment.

This may be about co-development of a prototype short-range air defense sys- In DecemberDefense Ministers Stepan Poltorak of Ukraine and Antoni Macierewicz of Poland signed a general cooperation agreement on defense, envisaging a significant increase in cooperation in 24 areas of mutual interest tem under the Narew program.

As proposed by the Ukrainian party, the Polish share in the R ADS project might include the surveillance radar, missile guidance radar, mobile missile launcher platform, robot kremenchug trading optronic target tracking and missile guidance system, combat control system, and intra system communications. One deal includes the supply of PCO S. Robot kremenchug trading Electronics and Ukroboronprom have also been closely collaborating in the development and production of new UAS technologies.

Collaborative development of a guided artillery projectile and a mm command-detonated robot kremenchug trading for the Polish armed forces marks an important milestone in bilateral defense-industrial cooperation between Ukraine and Poland.

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