Anry brds 2 to make money

anry brds 2 to make money

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Rating: 2. Angry Birds 2 Android users click here to download game Rovio is no amateur when it comes to developing and delivering smash hits in gaming.

It had released the wildly popular Angry Birds way back in All the while, Rovio tried new things, learning the ropes as it went along — adding characters, improving graphics and revamping gameplay.

After all these, Rovio has finally come out with the official sequel — Angry Birds 2.

HE on Tuesday posted a lower-than-expected rise in first-quarter net profit but said it has seen an increase in the number of downloads and user engagement, and an uptick in revenues in March and April. However, it said it's too early to quantify and distinguish the impact of the corona pandemic. The company behind the Angry Birds mobile-gaming franchise said net profit rose to 8. User acquisition investments, the cost of advertising and marketing to attract players, fell User acquisition costs have remained at a similar level in the second quarter, it said.

Does it live up to the hype? Does it deliver? Let us tell you why.

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Everything looks like a bright and colourful dream. This is the best any Angry Birds game has looked so far. There is an incredible depth in your gaming screen that is only heightened by gorgeous ambience and smooth animations.

What’s So New About Angry Birds 2?

Its the little things that make Angry Birds 2 a treat to the senses. When you defeat a anry brds 2 to make money piggy, there is a weird satisfaction watching the pig fly right into your screen, again playing with the great depth of the level designs. You need to blast through each stage and move on to the next to clear the next level. This adds to the gameplay time, increasing it just enough to keep the adrenaline running, but never bores you down.

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It may not matter much in the initial levels, but as you progress through the game, you have to properly chalk out your strategy, because a wrong bird may lead to failing a complex level and start all over again. Angry Birds 2 also feature candid spells. These act like power ups that you can deploy at the beginning of a level to anry brds 2 to make money havoc on the unsuspecting pigs.

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There is the Freeze spell, which turns fort structures into ice, making them much easier to break. There are many more spells to fool around with, each more delightful than the other.

When you defeat a boss piggy, there is a weird satisfaction watching the pig fly right into your screen.

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As soon as you make a little progress in the game, Rovio urges you to spend your hard-earned money or your precious time to go any further. Each player gets a total of five lives. If you fail the levels and exhaust all of the lives, you have to wait for an agonising 30 minutes to refill them.

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Otherwise, you can buy gems with real money of course to get extra lives, or watch a promotion 30 second video to earn lives. The amount of paid content starts to bode heavily on you, so much so that you feel like you are playing a prime freemium game like Candy Crush or Clash of the Clans.

Shares Angry Birds 2 Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds and its just released sequel, would like to have you think the 10 million downloads it received in less than a week has been a runaway success. And in a way Rovio is right; the download figures for Angry Birds 2 have been unprecedented, and that's no surprise when the company created one of the most popular mobile games of all time. But I, and many on Twitter and the app reviews, think Angry Birds 2 is akin to a white splat on the pavement. That then switched to free-to-play as the game got older, but you still didn't have to pay for extra levels.

For someone who enjoyed the no-barrier gameplay of the original Angry Birds, the new installment feels disappointing, to say the least. Verdict: Angry Birds 2 could have been another iconic chapter in the series.

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However, we cannot take away the fact that if you are ready to pay, Angry Birds 2 delivers great arcade fun, that can hook you to your tablet for hours on end. Click here to join our channel indianexpress and stay updated with the latest headlines For all the latest Technology Newsdownload Indian Express App.

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