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In terms of pixels, WQHD has a resolution of x The most common monitor resolution still remains x which is full HD.

The more pixels that are on the screen the sharper and more detailed an image can be, this is true for gaming or watching a movie or tv show that is scaled up to this resolution.

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But for a trader typically using a monitor for charts, web browsing and other "desktop" type activities, higher resolutions are not always ideal. The only way to run a display with a high 4K resolution is to end up using desktop scaling to make anything readable, without scaling most people feel that everything is to small to look at.

Keeping your desktop with higher resolutions at a ratio leaves all the icons and text so small they are nearly unusable, the only way to keep a ratio would be to use a massive 40 inch or larger display which is not always practical sitting on a desk. Windows will properly scale the text and icons just fine and will look great, but an individual program trading software, browsers, etc might not scale properly and could look slightly blurry unless you leave the default scaling at which is the default.

If you are going to purchase monitors at x or higher we strongly recommend that you select Windows 10 instead of Windows 7. Windows 10's scaling is remarkable. Windows 10 text, icons, menus best overclocking trading robot 2020 internet browsing using Edge looks fantastic. Of course most people wouldn't have this issue ever because the default scaling in Windows is always set at ratio so everything out of the box looks just fine, you will notice little issues like this when list of options with demo account start adjusting the scaling option within Windows display settings.

Monitors at x or x still look great. Even at these resolutions, you might still need to scale things up a bit, depending on the screen size you chose.

Processor (CPU)

As long as the program uses the Windows UI well, scaling looks wonderful in Windows 10, but be aware of software that might not scale properly. Keep in mind make money video tutorials if you do purchase a 4K monitor, Windows does allow you to set the resolution to something lower than x if you need to.

If you are set on buying a 4K monitor, our suggestion is to buy one at least 30", even larger than that would be better. As a general rule, the higher the resolution the larger the screen size must be so you don't have to use scaling.

Of course technology never stops progressing forward, in the future we will see monitors well above 4K. Dell already has a 5K Ultra HD monitor at x resolution. Multiple Monitor Trading Computer Setup Shown below are 2 images a customer gave us showing his trading computer setup. The case he used was the best overclocking trading robot 2020 Corsair T that we still currently have available.

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This customer selected our heavy duty six monitor desk stand that holds monitors up to 27". The multiple monitor stands we offer are very heavy duty with thick metal arms as seen in the pics. In his setup, he ordered 4 ASUS monitors from us and he decided to use 2 of his smaller Dell monitors on the upper left and right corners. Our trading computers can handle an array of monitor of different brands and screen sizes. Many of our customers will order monitors from us, and some use their existing monitors with our heavy duty desk stand.

Read the full article here. Video Cards Once you get accustomed to using a computer with multiple monitors you never want to go back! The more monitors you have the easier multi-tasking is, less clicking to find the program you need.

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The key to a great multiple monitor trading computer is selecting the appropriate graphics cards. Many companies will tell you that you need a super high powered gaming card or some of the really expensive NVIDIA Quadro workstation cards. Mid-range gaming cards work excellent for traders and are much less expensive. What best overclocking trading robot 2020 cards are best for a trading computer?

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There are 2 companies that manufacture the various video card chips. NVIDIA drivers are almost always rock solid, we never have issues with driver updates or multiple monitor setups with their cards. As a general rule, it is best to have all of your monitors be identical in the model, size and resolution. We understand though that some customers might want to purchase 4 or 6 new monitors and maybe still use the 1 or 2 they already own and add them to their setup.

Also if you need to use a lot of higher resolution dual-link monitors 4K, x or x resolution then it is always best to use NVIDIA cards. We have found over the years that NVIDIA cards have better compatibility with the various trading platforms, the drivers work seamlessly. HDMI ports are small, low power consuming and are more standardized port type. Keep in mind also that DVI and HDMI are completely interchangeable, with an inexpensive adapter to convert between the 2 port types they output the same resolution and image quality to best overclocking trading robot 2020 screen.

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We ship with all of our trading computers a 15ft. Video Cards we use in our Trading Computers We have a wide variety of different video cards to choose from. We often get asked the question - "If I order a 6 monitor trading computer, can I hook up only 4 monitors? A motherboard allows all the parts of your computer to receive power and communicate with one another.

The motherboard makes sure all the different components that are hooked together video card, processor, sound card, etc Today, motherboards typically boast a wide variety of built-in features and they directly affect a computer's capabilities and potential for upgrades.

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Our job is to sift through and test the best boards on the market - we ONLY offer the highest quality motherboards with the newest most advanced chipsets available. This is what separates us from other builders. We've noticed that many companies don't list the brand and model number of the motherboards they are using, especially the trading computer websites.

We always list the model and specifications so that our customers know they are getting the best! There are many different motherboard types and sizes, but for a desktop computer there are only 2 types to take into consideration - ATX and Micro ATX. As the names imply, ATX best overclocking trading robot 2020 are full sized, Micro ATX are smaller and more stripped down in terms of features and expandability.

We typically only recommend ATX motherboards. ATX is the standard full motherboard size. To save money, many companies choose to use Micro-ATX motherboards. Micro-ATX motherboards have smaller and fewer heatsinks, so they don't cool as well under a heavy load.

They also have fewer slots on the board, this means they don't have as much room for future expansion, most only have 2 video card slots versus 3 or more on a standard size ATX motherboard. So be careful when shopping around for a new trading computer, many options for additional income sneak in Micro-ATX motherboards on their lower priced systems in order to make a few extra bucks or to get their prices slightly lower than the competition.

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Notice the Micro-ATX best overclocking trading robot 2020 only has 4 expansion slots total, and only 2 of them are video card slots which really limits the upgrade potential of the computer that has that motherboard. Also, the Micro-ATX board only has one small heatsink, the full best overclocking trading robot 2020 ATX board has 3 large heatsinks, it's quite obvious from the picture which motherboard is the better one to have in your trading computer.

Ok, we promised not to get too technical best overclocking trading robot 2020 all this component talk, lets go over the key points. The motherboard should have 3 video card slots, even if you are only using 1 or 2 slots to begin with. It's nice for future expandability to have more slots in the event you need to add more monitors to your setup in the future Computer Memory RAM Think of your system memory as a temporary information buffer between the CPU and the hard drive.

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If your computer's CPU had to constantly access the hard drive to retrieve every piece of data it needs, it would operate very slowly. When the information is kept in memory, the CPU can access it much more quickly. The more memory your computer has the more "space" is available to store information for the processor to have fast access to. So how much memory do you need? Generally speaking, the more system memory your computer has the better off you'll be.

Kingston is one of the best overclocking trading robot 2020 and most trusted memory companies in the world. Reliability is the cornerstone of Kingston's product strategy and contributes to the high degree of trust between Kingston and its customers.

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Kingston memory is specifically engineered and designed to meet the rigorous requirements of high performance PCs.

Kingston memory kits offer the best motherboard compatibility and long term reliability for our trading computers. To ensure our customers receive a rock solid stable system we put our memory through even more extensive testing with 5 different memory testing programs. Every stick must pass each of these 5 tests without a single error before we certify that a stick can be shipped out in a customer's computer.

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We also run a windows based memory testing program for another 24hours on each stick, as well as a program called Prime Over the years, Prime95 has become extremely popular among PC enthusiasts and overclockers as a stability testing utility. It includes a "Torture Test" mode designed specifically for testing PC subsystems for errors in order to help ensure the correct operation of Prime95 on that system. If there is even one bad sector in the RAM Prime95 will error out.

After running Prime95 for 24 hours with no errors we can be sure our customers will receive a rock solid system. Trader memory kits should be the same, but might vary slightly depending on the current chipset and motherboard capacities. This one piece of hardware is best overclocking trading robot 2020 lifeblood of your machine! If there is any one component that is absolutely vital to the operation of a computer, it is the power supply.

The most important fact to know about modern power supply units is the name brand you see on the product is not necessarily the actual manufacturer of it.

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In fact, there are far fewer companies that actually manufacture power supplies than most people realize. Most power supplies on the shelf are simply branded, meaning they pay some other company to manufacture it for them and they put a label on it and market it under best overclocking trading robot 2020 own company name.

If you are shopping around on other sites stay clear of all other brands. Seasonic is the best manufacturer in our professional experience with the lowest failure rates and most stable voltages to deliver clean power to all the components. Seasonic is one of the older companies producing consumer power supplies having been founded in and entering the PC power supply production market in During that more than 30 years as a company Seasonic has cultivated lines of power supplies that are today some of the standard bearers for efficiency and quiet computing.

This focus, and its reputation for quality, has lead to a real explosion in production as Seasonic can be found providing OEM services on various model lines for Antec, Corsair and of course under its own Seasonic brand. Over the years, we have used power supplies from nearly every company imaginable, and we can definitively say that SeaSonic makes the absolute "quietest" units on the market.

If one of your goals is to buy a quiet computer then Seasonic is the brand to get! Power Supplies We Offer We have two different power supplies to choose from. If you select two of our video cards that require 8 pin power we recommend upgrading to our W SeaSonic unit.

A best overclocking trading robot 2020 mechanical hard drive consists of one or more rigid hence "hard" rapidly rotating discs often referred to best overclocking trading robot 2020 platterscoated with magnetic material and with magnetic heads arranged to write data to the surfaces and read it from them.

In contrast to traditional mechanical hard drives, SSDs use microchips that retain data in non-volatile memory chips and contain no moving parts. Compared to electromechanical HDDs, SSDs are typically less susceptible to physical shock, are silent, have lower access time best overclocking trading robot 2020 latency, but are more expensive per gigabyte GB. To put it even more simply, SSD's are much, much faster and are best suited to be used as the primary drive the operating system is installed on and larger capacity mechanical hard drives can be used as data storage drives.

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