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And what if we had proof to show you that this is nothing but an old myth? Unlike popular belief, the internet today now provides several opportunities for normal people to start generating money, without any up-front investment.

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And in this article, we have compiled a list of 10 awesome websites that you can start earning money with for free — without the need of a credit card. Here they are… Website 1: Redbubble This is a website that allows you to make money by creating and selling custom products online.

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On this website, you can sell products like t-shirts, phone cases and hoodies with your own custom design printed on top. Once opened, you can immediately start uploading your own personal designs to products. You can customise things like the style, formation, product title and description. Then when a customer purchases a product from your store… ….

All of this is done automatically, without you even having to lift a finger!

She has a free workshop that shares tips and tricks so you can make a six-figure income from home. Online Proofreader If you have a flair in correcting grammatical errors, becoming an online proofreader is a well-paying job to consider.

If you have not yet noticed, this type of product fulfilment goes by the name of print on demand. The reason why this model is so great is because once you have created and uploaded your designs, it becomes an extremely passive source of income.

18 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment

You see, similar to eBay and Amazon, RedBubble is considered what you call a destination site. Customers are very familiar with these type of sites already, and so simply come to search for what they want. Sellers on RedBubble make money through organic traffic. These are users who type in the search bar a product they are looking for, and bitcoin address for receiving business advantage payments it through organically through the search results.

And sellers leverage RedBubbles search engine by optimizing their products for search keywords e. But what if I am not a great artist? Will my designs be good enough to sell? The majority of top selling t-shirts are surprisingly very simple, plain designs.

For example, here is a t-shirt design we easily recreated using nothing more than Canva. Best of all, this took no more than five minutes to do! If you have no graphic design skills, but still want to create top selling designs, the secret is to focus on selling funny t-shirts.

Because often times, simple text based t-shirts often add to the humour and make it even funnier than if it was the design was rather complicated.

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RedBubble has two options. The first is to get paid directly through PayPal. And the second option is to get paid directly to your bank account.

Turn your time into profit.

Now, unfortunately, bank deposits are only available to a limited amount of countries. But there is a workaround: use Payoneer! Website 2: Skillshare This is an online community for people who want to learn from educational videos. On Skillshare, you can share your expertise to others around any topic you are passionate about, whether that is photography, illustration or even making a latte!

The great thing about Skillshare is that anyone can use this platform and start generating money with it. The way you get paid on Skillshare is that for each minute somebody watches your video, you get paid.

So if you were to spend five minutes watching a video on how to make French press coffee, the creator would be paid for each minute you spend watching the video.

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Some people will become loyal subscribers and view all of your videos in your playlist. But the majority of people tend to watch a few videos that are relevant to them. But this is okay as you still get paid for their views regardless of how many videos they watch.

Perhaps Skillshare is the site for you.

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Website 3: Udemy Similar to Skillshare, Udemy is a platform that lets you sell your own individual course sites where you can make money without registration a topic. The only difference between both platforms is that Skillshare is a subscription service, whereas on Udemy, people buy your courses individually. Because of this difference, earnings on Udemy tend to be higher than Skillshare.

Get Paid To Click On Websites ($0.73 Per Click) - FREE Make Money Online

How can I create a class and sell it? Instead, what we recommend is that you watch the top videos on YouTube around a topic you are interested in… …then recreate your OWN version, and list this as a course lesson on Udemy.

Make Money Online [in 2020]: 50+ Proven Strategies

Neither do you need any fancy camera equipment to film your videos. You can even make more money through Udemy by leveraging the power of Affiliate Marketing.

Proofreading and editing. Resume and cover letters, Etc.

For example, if you are creating a class on how to use Adobe Photoshop, you can join their affiliate program, and share your affiliate link with people who purchase your course.

So when somebody goes through your course, and is ready to try Photopshop for themselves… …If they sign up through your affiliate link, you earn a commission from that sale, making you even MORE money.

12 Free Ways To Earn Money From Internet Without Any Investment

Website 4: YouTube YouTube is another great platform to share your expertise on a topic you are knowledgeable about. And is something that we religiously practice here at Wholesale Ted, and have built a large following with as a result. Even with a small following, you can still earn money using the right strategy. And the best strategy is to create a tutorial on how to use a specific tool or software.

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And within these tutorials, you add your affiliate sites where you can make money without registration, so that when people use it, you are rewarded a commission. Well, in the video description of your tutorial, you can place your own affiliate link, and then have people use it when signing up for Shopify.

At Wholesale Ted, most of our videos take as long as two weeks to curate and put together.

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Because we recognize the power of adding real value, and know it will always pay off in the long run. Website 5: Shutterstock Shutterstock is an online media library of photos and videos that you can sell as stock footage.

People on here make thousands of dollars per month through their portfolio. Instead, the majority of their money is made through short clip videos filmed in 4k.

These have the highest royalty commissions, and so as a result, earn more money than regular photos. Similar to RedBubble that we discussed above, Amazon pays you a commission for each item you sell after removing the cost of the t-shirt and any other additional fees.

Once accepted into their program, creating and uploading products on here is easy. All you need to do is upload a piece of artwork onto their app. And customise the features of your product, such as the size of your design, price, product title and description. One major benefit of selling merch on Amazon is that you get to take advantage of the millions of customers who shop on Amazon every day.

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They take care of the marketing for you and bring the customers in. As you probably already know, Amazon is currently the largest e-commerce store online. Some people use Merch by Amazon as a source of side income, while others prefer to go all in and make this a full-fledged business. Whichever option you choose is entirely up to you.

Because at the end of the day, the biggest benefit is that the sales you make are completely passive.

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