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If you could walk into a brick-and-mortar version of your favorite news site, what would you see? Mostly women?

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Would you be surprised with what you found? At Quantcast, we measure and quantify web audiences. We turned to our data set to find out which websites drew the most male, female, millennial, senior, parent, wealthy and educated audiences. For these rankings, we looked at the top quantified websites in the U. Zulily and BlogLovin take home the award for the greatest percentage of female visitors, while New Arena and Coverssports and sports betting websites, take home the gold for having the most male audience.

Internet companies ranked by revenue 2017-2019

USA Test Prepa homework help site, wins the prize for parents making up the largest portion of web traffic. The Real Deala real estate site, takes home the accolade for having the wealthiest audience, and Crunchbasea company information database and investment reference, draws the most educated with an honorable mention for second most wealthy audience.

First, we looked at which websites drew the largest percentage of female and male web visitors. The number one website with the most female traffic is Zulily, an ecommerce site selling clothing, toys, and home products at deep discounts. They also made up the majority of traffic at ServerFaultthe Stack Overflow forum for system and network administrators. For this study, we defined millennials as visitors aged years old.

Alexa Rank: Everything You Need to Know About It

Indian Americans are one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the U. Clearly, internet earnings site ranking are using the internet for entertainment. Is the same true for older generations? Overall, websites with the largest share of senior visitors tended to be news websites, particularly those leaning to the far right, like Freedom Daily and US Heraldor far left, like Truth Examiner.

Beyond news, seniors also made up large percentages of websites about trading traffic for entertainment websites like TheJigsawPuzzles. Do senior citizens share these interests with other age groups?

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We took a look at the age breakdown of the top 25 sites with the most senior citizen traffic to get a better idea.

More or less, seniors shared website interests with their neighboring age internet earnings site ranking, ages and The exception seems to be in gaming and entertainment websites like TheJigsawPuzzles.

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Where else do parents tend to visit? We looked at which websites had the biggest percentage of visitors who are parents.

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The number one website reaching a parent audience is USA Test Prep, a curriculum resource and standardized test preparation subscription service. Parents tend to make up the biggest share of web traffic for education and homework help websites like Grade Saver and Math-Aids.

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They also made up a large percentage of visitors at little league websites like eTeamz and track and field statistics website MileSplit. Next up, we wanted to find out where more affluent web traffic congregates.

Does Chasing a #1 Search Engine Ranking Justify Your Time and Money?

They also made up a larger share of the audience at local sites like D. Do the sites with the wealthiest internet earnings site ranking also have the most educated audiences?

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We looked at the percentage of visitors with at least an undergraduate college degree to find out. Without peeking behind the digital curtain, your assumptions about the audience of a particular website may be far from accurate.

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