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The Ft. Bragg military courthouse in Sara D.

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Those bases were not founded in the wake of the Civil War, when President Lincoln encouraged national conciliation. Fort Benning and Fort Bragg were opened inas the U.

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Harold Holzer, the civil war historian and author at Hunter College, told us that the army essentially gave what we'd now call "naming rights" to states, to help the federal government acquire the land. And of course, the U.

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Army of was segregated. Brigadier General Henry L.

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Benning was acclaimed as "Old Rock" by his men. He once had two horses shot out from under him in battle.

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Harold Holzer calls him "a pretty formidable military commander. That is, effective in the war to perpetuate slavery.

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More to the point, he was a virulent white supremacist who issued incendiary warnings about the so-called dangers of having free black men outnumbering white men and threatening the purity of lily-white womanhood. He was a bad strategist, an inept tactician whose usual order was to charge straight ahead He did absolutely forts options transcript to establish a claim to a place in national or even Southern memory Elizabeth Samet, the professor of English at West Point, and author of Soldier's Forts options transcript, told us that putting new names on military bases wouldn't erase America's history, because those old Confederate names and memorial statues were part of what we'd now call a re-branding effort in the early 20th Century, to, "erase the true history, that the Confederacy fought the war to retain slavery.

Digital Encyclopedia Jumonville Glen Skirmish Fort Necessity, designed only as a supply depot, became of critical importance after the skirmish at Jumonville Glen. Historic Site Fort Necessity National Battlefield Visit a reconstruction of Fort Necessity near the spot the original stood more than two centuries ago. Learn More On the morning of July 4,Colonel George Washington marched his wounded and battle weary men out of the flimsy, wooden, palisaded circular defensive structure named Fort Necessity.

Elizabeth Samet says there were so many forts options transcript and women, white, native American, Asian-American, Latino, and Black, who fought for, and even gave their lives for the United States. The names of true heroes on our Army bases would better honor the men and women who serve today.

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