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Mendez Pinzon, H. The device was tested by combining surface-sensitive techniques Photoemission spectroscopy and NEXAFS with electrical measurements current-voltage, capacitance-voltage, impedance and charge transient spectroscopies. Additional deposition of ultrathin layers of DiMe-PTCDI may lead to a reduction of the surface defects density and thereby to an improvement of the electronic properties of GaAs.

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The energy level alignment through the heterostructure was deduced by combining UPS and I-V measurements. This allows fitting of the I-V characteristics with electron as majority carriers injected over a barrier by thermionic emission as a primary event.

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The frequency response of the device was evaluated through C-V and impedance measurements in the range 1 kHz-1 MHz. The almost independent behaviour of the capacitance in the measured frequency range confirmed the assumption of a near geometrical capacitor, which was used for modelling the impedance with an equivalent circuit of seven components. From there it was found a predominance of the space charge region impedance, binary options prokhor vavilov that A.


The ITC values of silicides-silicon interfaces observed in this study are higher than those of other metallic interfaces to Si found in literature. Most surprisingly, it is experimentally found that ITC values are independent of interfacial quality and substrate orientation. Computationally, it is found that the non-equilibrium atomistic Green's Function technique NEGFwhich is specically designed to simulate coherent elastic phonon transport across interfaces, significantly underpredicts ITC values for CoSi2-Si interfaces, suggesting that energy transport does not occur purely by coherent transmission of phonons, even for epitaxial interfaces.

Moore, J. Water-saturated densities of subaerial lava flows occurring above m depth have the broadest range because of the large density variation within a single lava flow.

Then, I study the effect of phonon band structure on ITC through measurements of epitaxial NiAl1-xGax-GaAs interfaces for varying levels of alloy composition, which independently tunes the mass of the metal's heavy atom without much affect on the lattice structure or interatomic force constants. The ITC values are found to linearly increase with increasing Ga content, consistent with the disappearance of a phonon band gap in NiAl 1-xGax films with increasing Ga content, which enhances the phonon transmission coefficients due to a better density of states overlap between the two NiAl1-xGax, GaAs materials.

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