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Options Trading in a Nutshell: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Trading Options

Option Basics Option in a nutshell is an option? Options that give their holder the right to buy a specific option in a nutshell or index are called call options, and options that give their holder the right to sell a specific stock or index are called put options.

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Whenever stocks rather than indices are involved, all of the major U. In addition to identifying whether it is a right to buy or to sell, each contract also lists the specific price called the strike price at which the holder of the option can sell the underlying security, as well as the date at which the contract expires called the expiration date. On the major U.

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However, it should be noted that index options usually expire around the same time of the month as stock options; however, each index option has option in a nutshell own set of rules, so be sure to seek clarification from your broker before entering into any index option trades! How are option contracts identified?

What is an option?

In the same way that each individual stock has its own unique ticker symbol, each option contract is also identified by a unique combination of letters and numbers. Putting all this information together in the format described above, we get a symbol of AFFXC Which months can you buy options for?

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When options are first made available on a stock, that stock gets assigned to be on either a January- a February- or a March-cycle… and this designation determines which months will be used for options going forward a company on the February cycle, for example, will always have the options available for the following months: a the current month of expiration, b the next month after that, and 3 some combination of February, May, August, and November.

In addition the short-term options that trade on this cycle, some stocks also have LEAPS traded on them. Who sells options, and how are they priced?

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In addition to these three primary forces, there is also a dose of supply-and-demand thrown into the mix, and thus option prices also tend to be influenced by the level of demand or lack thereof seen for them in the marketplace. Though a discussion of it is beyond the scope of this discussion, investors who are interested learning more about how the pros value options are encouraged to investigate a nifty bit of mathematics called the Black-Scholes Equation.

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Though more advanced option traders love to spend their time talking about spreads, butterflies, strangles, naked calls and naked puts actual things — not porn for option junkies! Please visit Covered Call Basics on our website for additional information on this strategy!

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