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Red Dead Online money making - how to make money in Red Dead's multiplayer

That's something you may well have found in the story mode, but things feel much more pronounced here once you've joined this Wild West full of real-life inhabitants.

Thankfully some of these tips cross over nicely with the most efficient means of leveling, too, so make doubly sure you keep them in mind. With these pointers and an awful lot of time, you'll be on the Wild West rich list yet.

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Loot everything This one's a classic, but it works in Red Dead Online, too. If you want to make money, sell as much stuff as you can to the various shopkeepers of the world.

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Check cabinets, safes, chests, and everything else on which you can get your grubby hands. This extends to the people and other fauna you find yourself murdering, also.

Red Dead Online money explained - how does money work in Red Dead Online?

Check for bonus requirements and then tick them off as you go to help boost your earnings. If you visit them and kill everyone except the leader, you get the choice to spare or kill them.

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Following these maps to where X marks the spot is a great way of injecting rd how to make money extra cash into your life. Go hunting and fishing Hunting animals and selling their pelts to butchers is another good way of earning money.

You just need to make sure you try and kill the beast with a clean headshot or a direct hit to a vital organ if you want to get the best possible pelt.

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You also need to consider the animal's state: a sickly animal will return a worse pelt, so try to only hunt animals that are feeling fighting fit. Fishing is an efficient quick Red Dead Online money pastime, too.

Once you unlock the ability to fish—you get a fishing rod at level 14—you can happily catch as many fish as you can carry before selling them off to collect some decent cash.

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Of course it's challenging to come out on top against real-life players, but at least you get a decent sum just for showing up. Simple, right?

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