Make money online video. Authentic content plus ads and product placements can mean big bucks

make money online video

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The moment you start taking things seriously, and believing that you can indeed earn your living from online ventures, many doors will open in front of you. Virtually anyone has expertise about something, and there are friend makes money on the Internet many people out there who would like to learn about that topic which you know inside out.

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Here are some websites which act as online video training marketplaces. On these websites you can create courses and sell them. The websites will typically take a commission and you will get the rest of the cash.

Udemy Udemy is one of my favourite video tutorial marketplaces. It is very well designed and there are already authors who have racked up some massive sales numbers. It has been around since and has experienced very strong growth.

It gives a lot of freedom to the content creators, giving you the ability to release free or paid courses, and the ability to choose exactly what your course will be about.

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You get a full marketing platform behind you, plus the infrastructure to not only show videos, but also have a question and answer facility and much more. The most make money online video tutorials are those in the technology and business niches, with top authors earning 5 or 6 figures a year with their videos.

Check out the video below to learn a bit more about Udemy.

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Tutsplus Marketplace The Tutsplus marketplace was created by marketplace giants Envato of Themeforest and Codecanyon fame. Visit Tutsplus Marketplace Learnable Learnable is another marketplace that competes with Udemy, it is however focused on web design and development courses, so its more limited as a money making resource.

Learn more. Because of that, we hold you to a higher standard. You may be liable to pay taxes on your earnings from YouTube; find out more below.

If you already own a make money online video and have a good number of followers, it will be easier for you to promote your course and make money. Let me know in the comments section.

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