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How to read quarterly results before investing in stocks

This may prove to be trickier than one would think.

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The yield is only the interest or dividend income earned on the investment. Please see the quarterly statement below.

One of the ways to find out is to look at the quarterly numbers published by companies. Quarterly results are the window made available to the general public to understand the company's performance. These are produced in a predefined format that a company must adhere to.

If we were to use the 5. You can see from this example how this issue could become particularly important when certifying a household that is close to the income limit.

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Recently, many investment gains have been high due to the market. In order to make sure qualified households are not turned away it is important to use only the dividend income and not include changing value of stocks.

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In a circumstance, where the quarterly statement does not give a separate breakdown for interest and dividends earned it is important to follow up to obtain this information.

We recommend using an Investment Account Verification which specifically requests the annual interest or dividend income. Another issue concerning counting the correct amount of dividend and interest income is when the account loses value but yet still has dividend and interest verified earnings with investments 2020 to include.

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An investment account is able to lose market value and still generate income. In the example below, we see a K account which has lost value this quarter. In cases where the account has a negative change in value due to the market, make sure to still verify the dividends and interest earned.

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