Desire to make all the money

7 Steps to Manifest Anything You Want—Including Love or Money

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Advertisers regularly attempt to desire to make all the money us from the things we use everyday in order to sell us their products. Political parties thrive on discontent, stirring up voters to covet things they do not have in order to elect a candidate who will take from one group of people and give to another.

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Spouses can rush headlong into extramarital affairs. Households can pile on loads of debt as they try to keep up with the lifestyles of their neighbors. Biblical truth can be distorted in an effort to make the message easier to sell.

Note that Paul does not say that those who are rich are the ones who succumb to temptation, as if having wealth is evil in itself. Many of the saints who lived during the biblical era were wealthy for example, Gen.

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The apostle is warning us not to be like the rich fool who stores up possessions only for himself and never thinks about how he can benefit others Luke — People who worship gold and silver will find that their bank account will not help them escape the same fate reserved for Satan.

Coram Deo Each day we should ask ourselves whether we are content with the gifts God has given us or whether we are coveting not simply wanting something else. That something could be money, a relationship, a job, recognition, or any number of things that can be considered good.

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Passages for Further Study.

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