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Do archaeologists have an alternative to a college degree?

Tweet Full Disclosure: I now teach at a R1, state university. It is in my best interest for university enrollments to continue growing. The following blog post is heresy.

Want to Be a Space Archaeologist? Here's Your Chance | WIRED

However, this is a conversation that we need to have. You can be whatever you want when you grow up. Success comes to those who are willing to work hard for it. Follow your dreams.

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The wisest among us knows these paradigms are only partially true. Yes, hard work is required but those who work intelligently and strategically rule the day. And, in a wider sense, college does translate to better job opportunities but there are no guarantees.

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Together, these syllogisms combine to create a better pathway to how much does an internet morkeologist earn than simply working hard or going to college: Work strategically towards career goals and only obtain a college degree if you need one. The idea is to provide an alternative to college for those who want to go into business.

The Advantages of Being an Archaeologist

Anyone can start a business but it takes an entrepreneur to launch a successful start-up. The world needs people like this. Or, hate on others who are moving towards their goals. Slayback argues that this is no longer true. Nevertheless, in our field, a degree is the baseline qualification that many employers seek because it indicates the candidate is at least familiar with archaeological method and theory.

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They are something the company can work with. Employers in many fields, archaeology included, are now starting to ask for graduate degrees for positions that did not need them until the recent surge in Americans with graduate degrees made this possible.

Want to Be a Space Archaeologist? Here's Your Chance

Field techs and crew chiefs with Masters are now common. Degrees are expensive and it how much does an internet morkeologist earn an aspiring archaeologist to spend more time than necessary accruing debt make money on bitcoins best sites a degree that may not pay for itself. For archaeologists, degree inflation and increasingly stringent job requirements raises several other queries: Do you need a college degree to become an archaeologist?

Are there alternatives to getting the experience required to be an archaeologist without a degree?

Get the Job

How can one work smartly towards the goal of becoming an archaeologist—with or without college? There are no clear answers to those questions.

Becoming an Archaeologist: Do you need a degree?

You need a degree to keep being an archaeologist. Employers have a lot of incentive to hire and keep archaeologists with degrees because we live in a world where so many archaeology job applicants have college degrees and a society that has become accustomed to the prestige conferred by the college degree. Is this good? Archaeology is not like starting a food truck or building an app. Keep your eyes open to learning more about this craft. Cultural resource management archaeologists like working with other skilled archaeologists.

Even someone with minimal experience is better than someone with no experience.

What Can I Do With an Archaeology Degree?

Can you get the field school experience without college? Find a local public archaeology binary options disadvantages and start volunteering ASAP. Begin in high school if you can. The Passport in Time program is an excellent example.

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