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If you have questions about the information in your earnings statement, please contact your department supervisor.

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Please note the pay period beginning and ending dates and the pay date of your earnings statement. Web-based earnings statements will be available three days myths about making money online to the pay date.

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Once added, using the shortcut will take you directly to the Earnings Statement login screen. Please see the Earnings Statement Mobile Shortcut Guide for instructions if you are interested in using the shortcut.

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This change does not affect how you view the earnings statements, or any other functionality of the application. If you use the Earnings Statement application exclusively on a desktop or laptop, you will not see any changes.

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Key Information Nonacademic employees paid bi-weekly should note that when three pay periods are paid in the same month, only statutory deductions will be taken from the third pay period of that month. For nonacademic employees, vacation accruals in a pay period are added to an employee's balance first and then hours used are deducted from that balance.

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Therefore, it is imperative that employees manage online earnings login vacation use in order to maximize their accruals. If you are at or close to reaching your maximum limit, notify your supervisor so that you online earnings login discuss arrangements to reduce your balance so that you may continue accruing leave time.

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For nonacademic employees, as stated in Policy 7. Service Hours and Service Years will no longer be available on the earnings statement.

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Employees should contact Human Resources if they have questions about adjusted service date. For questions, please contact University Payroll Customer Service at payinq uillinois.

For employees with payroll deductions, effective for calendar yearpayroll deductions for parking are no longer treated as taxable income. State benefits-eligible employees: Understand deduction code description changes effective December Take Action Have you set up 2FA? You will need 2FA to access your earning statements if you are off campus.

The pay cycle holds back our money. Overdraft fees and penalties are unfair.

The University of Illinois System is the flagship higher education system in the state of Illinois. University of Illinois System.

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