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You are here: Home Latest News Coronavirus: Dutch government adopts package of new measures designed to save jobs and the economy Search within English part of Government. The measures are designed not only to protect our health, but also to protect people's jobs and livelihoods and to minimise the impact on self-employed people, small and medium-sized enterprises and major companies. Under the newly announced measures, billions of euros will be invested into the economy every month, for as long as necessary. The measures will ensure that companies are able to pay their employees' wages, grant a bridging arrangement for self-employed people and allow companies to hang on to their money through relaxed tax provisions, allowances and supplemental lines of credit. The measures form a supplement to the economic measures already implemented by the government on Thursday, 12 March.

Yes, please, and Newfoundland's social media influencers can do it Premium content Published: Aug 07, at p. Updated: Aug 08, at p.

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Sorry you must be at least 19 years of age to consume this content. Captain Sauce is a gaming YouTuber based in St.

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He has 1. Free products, internet fame and unbelievable experiences are just another day at the office or not for these Newfoundland natives — who collectively have more than three times the population of their province following them on social media.

You do not need to register separately with them, unless you decide to register as a limited company or association. See also Legal business structures - an overview.

Obviously, you want to show people the most interesting thing in your video. It probably stands out to some people. I also had an opportunity recently to play the new Jurassic World game.

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They flew me down to Los Angeles and got me to play the game before it was released and to make a video on it. I would put all this effort into something … with nobody to see it or appreciate it. You are entirely self-taught, so you have to spend a lot more time learning to be a YouTuber than actually being a YouTuber.

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