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Isolated Bitrix24 Self-hosted How applications work on Bitrix24 Self-hosted without external network connection. Company security policy can have all kinds limitations for internal and external network resources due to which Bitrix24 REST apps not always can "reach" Bitrix24 Self-hosted or external cloud services.

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Note: the solution described below exclusion from server oauth. Requesting external resources Bitrix tokens REST has 3 cases when Bitrix24 portal sends an external query: 1 - Authentication validator 3 - Event provider Let's review methods that allow avoiding requests to external resources.

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Bitrix tokens The example presents situation when a single specific application must be initiated but standard data communication chain avoided. When request has this parameter, the handler checks its value.

Refreshing Authorization For External Applications

If the value is available but does not match to the saved one, response is the following: "yes, it's my request, but value is incorrect". When the value is correct, it communicates user ID, the list of available scopes, indicates which parameters must be deleted before sending request to the handler, as well as authentication type ID and which methods have limitations for authentication types.

After the handler calls a REST module's method authenticating the user on this hit.

Last Modified: In this case, all required authorization data is issued to the app when it is opened. Its value is used exclusively for providing information. Use method oauth.

Returns true on success. Event provider Inherit the original event provider class and indicate that it implements event provider interface.

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Re-define only single function send in our class. When this app is not created by us, the request will be forwarded to parent class; otherwise, executes post request to the app on the same hit.

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After that, register new event provider as the main provider and proceed with event calling. Authentication provider The most complex part.

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The principle is the same: inherit an original provider class and create your own provide class implementing alternative authentication provider interface we need. Use '. This method receives an app, which has "requested" authorization and checks if this application is the same app that we wanted to "exclude" from the standard authentication mechanism.

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Then, receives the app data bitrix tokens a structure similar to the structure retrieved by all applications from standard Bitrix24 OAuth-server. Please note, any token lifetime period can be specified, not only specific hour, used by default in standard authorization.

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