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The Ultimate Guide on How to Make Money Online with ClickFunnels ®

One of the best things about this affiliate program is the fact that they use sticky cookieswhich allow you to even earn money on your referrals when they choose to purchase products from the platform after a long time.

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Truly, the sticky cookie idea makes the dream of passive income valid. The only catch is that your referral must be a paying member of the ClickFunnels program for you to earn a commission. If you have products and services to sell, you can use ClickFunnels to gain more leads and ultimately boost your sales.

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All you need to do is to create upsells and downsells to get the most out of every customer. Start A Sales Funnel Creation Service If you are willing to take your ClickFunnels commissions to another level, you can create sales funnels for local businesses around you.

And if they agree to pay, you simply need to give them your share URL and ask them to sign up for a ClickFunnels account.

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If your sales trading for a beginner proves to be useful to them, they will be ClickFunnels members for long and you will enjoy the recurring commissions.

To earn more, scout for local businesses that sell high ticket items such as real estate agents, jewelers, and dentists.

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Integrate ClickFunnels into your email marketing strategy Your email marketing campaign will only succeed if your audience is engaged and can find value in every email that you send. Adding ClickFunnels to your email marketing campaigns is an easy way of boosting your ClickFunnels commissions.

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Depending on your niche, you can use your sales funnel URL as part of a case study that you share with your audience or as part of your email sequence. There are several ways of doing this naturally without being spammy.

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Bottom-line Although many people perceive online marketing as a challenging venture, you can reap how to make money online site funnel perks if you put in the work. Regardless of your experience, earning money through ClickFunnels is not hard provided that you have good marketing strategies. Whether you decide to become an affiliate or sell your products, there is always a way to make money using ClickFunnels.

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However, you should note that nothing happens overnight. You have to take action to make things work.

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