Settlement and delivery option, Physical Delivery

A cash-settled option is a type of option for which actual physical delivery of the underlying asset or security is not required.

By James Chen Updated Apr 21, Physical delivery is a term in an options or futures contract which requires the actual underlying asset to be delivered upon the specified delivery date, rather than being traded out with offsetting contracts.

Understanding Physical Delivery Derivatives contracts are either cash-settled or physically delivered on the expiry date of the contract. When a contract is cash-settled, the net cash position of the contract on the expiry date is transferred between the buyer and the seller.

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If the value of the index on the day the contract expires is higher than the futures price, the buyer gains; otherwise, the seller profits. The difference between the spot price of the contract as of the settlement date and the futures price agreed on will be credited or debited from the accounts of both parties.

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This amount will be debited from the account of the party shorting the position. With a physical delivery, the underlying asset of the option or derivatives contract is physically delivered on a predetermined delivery date.

For the physical settlement of options, there is one more new facility given by exchange wherein the investor can opt for the 'Do-not-exercise' option via the clearing member for Close to money CTM strike prices. CTM strike prices are the ones that are closest to the settlement settlement and delivery option. The exchange has defined specific criteria to identify CTM strike prices as per below: The first 3 ITM options strikes which are immediately below the final settlement price would be CTM for call options; and The first 3 ITM options strikes which are immediately above the final settlement price would be CTM for put options. The trading members are provided with a file of CTM contract details by the exchange on the expiry day which has to be provided back to the exchange conveying whether you want to opt for Do-not exercise or no.

Exchanges specify the conditions of delivery for the contracts they cover. The exchange designates warehouse and delivery locations for many commodities.

Delivery Margin on Physical Settlement

When delivery takes place, a warrant or bearer receipt that represents a certain quantity and quality of a commodity in a specific location changes hands from the seller to the buyer who then makes full payment.

The buyer has the right to remove the commodity from the warehouse or has the option of leaving the commodity at the storage facility for a periodic fee.

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The buyer could also arrange with the warehouse to transport the commodity to another location of his or her choice, including his or her home, and pays any transportation fees. In addition to delivery specifications stipulated by the exchanges, the quality, grade, or nature of the underlying asset to be delivered settlement and delivery option also regulated by the exchanges.

Settlement and delivery option derivatives are not exercised but are traded out before their delivery date. However, physical delivery still occurs with some trades—it is most common with commodities and bonds but can also occur with other financial instruments.

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Settlement by physical delivery is carried out by clearing brokers or their agents. Promptly after the last day of trading, the regulated exchange's clearing organization will report a purchase and sale of the underlying asset at the previous day's settlement price.

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Traders who hold a short position in a physically settled security futures contract to expiration are required to make delivery of the underlying asset. Those who already own the assets may tender them to the appropriate clearing organization. Traders who do not own assets are obligated to purchase them at the current price.

You completed this course. All futures contracts have a specified date on which they expire.

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